Francisco Pereira

Pereira is currently working full time at the Philosophy Department of Universidad Alberto Hurtado located in Santiago, Chile and is currently the president of the Latin-American Association of Analytic Philosophy (ALFAn).
His areas of specialization are Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception and Epistemology. His areas of competence are Philosophy of Languaje and the History of Modern Philosophy with particular emphasis on Hume.
His research is currently focused on topics connected with conceptualism and the possibility of non-conceptual content, disjunctive theories of perception, the role of attention and action in conscious mental representation and Hume´s theory of knowledge.

Abel Wajnerman

Wajnerman Paz is currently working full time at the Philosophy Department of Universidad Alberto Hurtado. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires (2015), with a CONICET grant (2010-2015). He was a CONICET Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017) and he is currently a FONDECYT Fellow (2018-2021).
His main area of interest is the Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience. He focuses on epistemic and conceptual issues regarding different aspects of neural representations (neural coding, computation and information processing), and their implications for current debates in cognitive neuroscience. Regarding the debate on grounded cognition or neo-empiricism, he proposed different approaches to the perceptual/conceptual distinction. More recently, he is concerned with exploring alternative theoretical approaches for characterizing the neural basis of the Neural Global Workspace.

Mario Villalobos

Mario Villalobos is PhD in philosophy of mind and cognitive sciences of University of Edinburg. He is currently working as a associate professor in the Department of philosophy and psychology at University of Tarapacá. He is also an associated researcher of IFICC.
His philosophical work is mainly focused on autopoietic theory of living beings and the enactive theory of cognition. He has published in specialized journals and has presented in many international academic events.

Rodolfo Tomás Aldea

Rodolfo Aldea is a PhD student at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. His areas of specialization are philosophy of mind and philosophy of perception. His research in philosophy of mind focuses on contemporary arguments against physicalism.
In philosophy of perception, he works primarily on the phenomenon of color and problems raised by its ontological status. Specifically, he is defending a version of a relational theory of color. Additionally, he is interested in the history of modern philosophy with particular emphasis on Kant.

Mario Salinas

Mario Salinas is currently a PhD student at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. His research focuses on the philosophy of mind, especially on problems related to mental causation, external mental content and behavior analysis. Currently, in his thesis he defends a form of externalism that seeks to address the internalist objection of causal inefficacy.

Jorge Muñoz

Jorge Muñoz is currently a PhD student at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. He has mainly been focused on topics such as logical pluralism, physical causation, the rule-following considerations in connection with the Kripke’s reading of Wittgenstein’s philosophy and the ontological and modal status of mathematical objects. Currently, he intend to develop a modified version of mechanicism in the philosophy of physical computation.