• En la primera sesión del año de nuestro seminario WIP, tendremos el gusto de escuchar a Juan Manuel Garrido Wainer presentando:

«Free-Viewing as an Experimental System to Test the Temporal Correlation Hypothesis: A Case of Theory-Centered Experimental Practice»

  • Abstract: It has been shown that theory-free characterizations of experimental systems miss normative and conceptual components that sometimes are crucial to understanding their historical development. In the following paper, we aim at showing that these components may be part of the intrinsic capacities of experimental systems themselves. For that purpose, we study a case of non-exploratory and theory-oriented research in experimental neuroscience. It concerns the construction of free-viewing as an experimental system to test one particular preexisting hypothesis, the Temporal Correlation Hypothesis (TCH), at a laboratory in Santiago de Chile, during 2002- We show that the system does not take well-formulated pre-existing predictions or hypotheses to test them directly, but re-creates them and re-signifies them in terms that are not implied by the theoretical background from which it originally derived. Therefore, there seems to be a way sui generis in which experimental systems produce proper theoretical knowledge.

  • La sesión tendrá lugar el miércoles 22 de Abril de 17:00 a 18:30 hs en modalidad virtual. ✨🧠
  • Para material y datos de la sesión, escribir a: contact@santiagomindcognition.cl

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